Covid-19 Protections

Protection systems against Covid-19 composed of pedestal and modular panels connected to each other for quick assembly. Covid-19 protection systems are suitable in all fields and industrial applications to reduce the residual risk of contagion, protect and isolate personnel from harmful agents. The modular Covid-19 protections are suitable for safety in places and work areas and are made in compliance with international regulations.

The modular protection systems can be configured as protective screens, partitions, cabins, shelters for workstations and protections of small, medium and large industrial environments.

Covid-19 shelters act as counter or reception protection barriers for use in both public and private facilities, where protection of the contact of operators with the public is required. The Plexiglas parts allow for correct transparency and ensure the passage of light and full visibility in the work area. Furthermore, Plexiglas is unbreakable and impact resistant.

TheCovid-19 systems are modular, easy to assemble and install. It can also be used outdoors thanks to the resistance to atmospheric agents and the properties of anodized aluminum. It is also possible to receive the material already assembled or in PRE-ASSEMBLED KIT.

All systems are fully recyclable, adaptable and customizable according to the needs of the workplace or application in terms of length, height and type of protection and comply with the following standards:

  • International Standard UNI EN ISO 14120: 2015 Safety of machinery - Guards - General requirements for the design and construction of fixed and movable guards
  • International Standard UNI EN ISO 13857: 2008 Safety of machinery - Safety distances to prevent the reaching of dangerous areas with the upper and lower limbs

The costs of the barriers and the protections implemented fall, for the whole of 2020, in the tax credit provided by the state (Article 30 of the Decree-Law 8 April 2020, n. 23 and as clarified by circular 9 / E of the Agenzia delle Entries of 13 April 2020)

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The panels are made with anti-scratch, anti-abrasion, UV-protected polycarbonate panel, available in different colors.
Frame Panels: 1000 x 2000mm standard modular or customizable size.
Painting: 10 Mc double anodization that allows exposure to atmospheric agents without being damaged. The profiles can also be supplied powder coated or sprayed, in any RAL.
Posts: 45 x 45, 45 x 90 or 90 x 90 mm profile for the uprights. Floor fixing of different types.

Aereoporto 5 squared
Fabbrica 1 squared

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