Custom handling systems

ETT1 has an internal Design Office that is at the service of both Customers for the realization of their projects on technical specifications and for production.

The mechanical design of all products is carried out using 2d (AutoCAD & Drafsight) and 3D (Inventor AutoDesk) software. 95% of the design is now carried out in 3D with INVENTOR as it reduces the design and production times of the product, increases the flexibility of data / modification interchange and facilitates the integration of external files in all the most common formats used by the industry standard.

The output created with these software allows companies and professional firms to directly integrate the product into their layout and system. Likewise, the 2D table, complete with all the technical information for the realization, is sent to production and exploded views are created with the relative bill of materials.


The design also includes the creation of images for the manuals, the simulation of movement of the mechanical components and the creation of the documentation for the carpentry components complete for development for the Supplier.


Our Design services


We start from your problem, analyzing technical specifications, conditions of use and environmental elements for:

  • Production Lines design on demand
  • Lines design following technical specification
  • Solving technical problems
  • Stand-alone Production Lines
  • Integrated production lines (semi-machines)


We design 2D or 3D with latest generation software to analyze and generate in detail:

  • Mechanical drawings
  • Components list
  • Special parameters
  • Constraint evaluation
  • Integration into your production line


The final result of the design that will be submitted to the Customer for approval includes:

  • Files (AutoCAD / Inventor)
  • Bill of materials
  • User manuals
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Machinery Directive certifications

For a free and no obligation quote for any type of conveyor belt, you can contact our Sales Department and discuss the technical specifications you need or send your request directly from our contact page.