Aluminum Profiles

The structural aluminum profile is the heart of our products: we manage various sizes and have a well-stocked warehouse to ensure our customers availability and speed in deliveries.
We personally guarantee the quality and reliability of our profiles because they are the ones we have been using every day for the structures we produce for over thirty years: we know them very well and we will be happy to find the solution that best suits your needs for you.
All profiles can be requested in full bar format, cut to size or assembled and are equipped with a very wide range of accessories, to always allow the best mounting solution.

Our product range is too vast to have an updated and complete online catalog: ask us what you need and we will immediately give you availability, technical characteristics and costs.

To complete the range and for all needs, we also have our proprietary profile matrices available both in stock for immediate delivery and on request - depending on the type of product.

Profiles: types

We have been a partner of Minitec for over twenty years, a German company with many years of development and high quality product among the most prestigious in the world.

The tubular system was born many years ago from specific market needs. It is a system that allows great modularity based on any structural configuration.

In-depth studies have made it possible to introduce composite materials for connectors and pipes in anodized aluminum with the aim of resisting humidity, dust, liquids and rust.

The design has a great visual impact, thanks also to the opportunity to have the materials in different colors.

We have our own custom matrices available for particular solutions, to supplement the commonly used standard ones.

These profiles are also widely available in stock and are at your disposal if they can be used to create structures with particular technical and design requirements.


In these videos we illustrate the different types of profiles and structures to allow you to choose the ones that best suit you. All solutions are highly customizable and configurable according to your technical specification and can be stand-alone or integrated into an existing production line.

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