Motorized Roller Conveyors

Our motorized roller conveyors can be of any size - both in length and in width, and are suitable for the transport and handling of goods and boxed material of small, medium and large dimensions on flat surface, on long linear path, on inclined plane uphill or downhill, or on path not straight.

With the motorized roller conveyors it is also possible to create lifts and descenders at the beginning or at the end of the stroke for the management of full and empty transport boxes. Shape, size and even any curves or modular elements can be assembled in any solution according to the specific path requirement.

The rollers have a minimum diameter of 50mm and are chosen according to the weight to be transported. All our motorized roller conveyors can be equipped with separators for the management of the piece, stop barriers and photocells in compliance with the safety standards in the workplace and according to the specific operational production needs. All the ends of the rollers are covered by polyethylene guides designed specifically for anti-pinching and all moving parts are protected by safety guards.

The floor structure is entirely made of extruded anodized aluminum of variable section, according to the loads of the roller conveyor, while for the motorization it is possible to choose between belt transmission or chain transmission with lower, central or overhead transmission.

For all solutions of motorized roller conveyors it is possible to have a mixed configuration by alternating motorized rollers with idle rollers.

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Technical specifications


Our tapes can be made with different structural solutions according to your specification:

  • aluminum floor structure
  • modular structure in aluminum
  • tubular modular system


The transport surface layer can be configured in one or more of the following ways:

  • Straight line
  • Curved line
  • Extensible
  • Tippers / Flipping
  • Inclined surface


Our belt structures (PVC carpet or polyvertebrate chain) can be motorized with:

  • Head motorization
  • Return motorization

For a free and no obligation quote for any type of conveyor belt, you can contact our Sales Department and discuss the technical specifications you need or send your request directly from our contact page.