Gravity roller conveyors

Gravity roller conveyors, also known as idle roller conveyors, are a reliable, practical and economical solution for the transport and handling of goods and boxed material, packages or small and medium-sized volumes. ETT1 designs and manufactures gravity roller conveyors of any width and length for handling on a horizontal plane with a regular support surface, which can slide on a natural slope generally up to a maximum of 5%. Shape, size and even any curves or modular elements can be assembled in any solution according to the specific path requirement.

The idle rollers used are made of high-quality high-smoothness steel, with diameters that usually vary between 30 and 50mm - with different pitches, depending on the application and with the ideal strength to avoid deformations during use, guaranteeing high reliability and reduced maintenance cost over time. If necessary, to regulate the transport speed, the idle rollers can be frictioned to prevent excessively heavy goods from sliding too fast or from being damaged at the end of their run when the line is used as an accumulation buffer for loading / unloading goods or during operations of verification and pre- or post-packaging labeling.

The base structure is made of anodized aluminum and fixed to the floor with anti-vibration feet. The adjustment of the supporting legs can reach up to +/- 300mm and it is possible to customize the roller conveyor with sides, Lexan tunnels, accident prevention protections, openings for goods inspection, stops and other parts necessary for your production or for the relevant industrial sector.

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Technical specifications


Our roller conveyors can be made with different structural solutions according to your specification:

  • aluminum floor structure
  • modular structure in aluminum
  • tubular modular system


The transport surface layer can be configured in one or more of the following ways:

  • Straight line
  • Curved line
  • Extensible
  • Tippers / Flipping
  • Inclined surface

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