ETT1 designs, manufactures and assembles industrial belts, rollers and multi-vertebrate chain handling systems, belt conveyors, idle and motorized roller conveyors.
We design nd manufacture conveyor belts forall production and distribution sectors accident prevention systems and customized aluminum structures. All of our belt conveyor systems are custom designed for production line equipment. Motorized roller conveyors can be of any size - both in length and in width, and are suitable for the transport and handling of goods.

Motorized conveyor belts with aluminum support structure, customizable in all sizes, with anti-cut and anti-oil PVC belt or with polyvertebrate chain.

Motorized or gravity roller conveyors with aluminum structure, customizable in all sizes, for the transport of boxed material and the handling of goods.

Modular Covid-19 protection systems, protective screens, partitions, cabins, shelters for workstations and protections of small, medium and large industrial environments.

Aereoporto squared

We sell aluminum profiles in full bar format, cut to size or assembled and equipped with a very wide range of accessories to always allow the best mounting solution.


Didactic workbenches for schools, laboratories and universities
Workbenches compliant with industrial production standards
Aluminum structures for special applications



Find out how ETT1 products are made and how we can find solutions for your goods handling and transport needs.



ETT1 has an internal Design Office for Customers' projects based on technical specifications and for internal production.

We design gravity or motorized transport systems for the rapid handling of materials, semi-finished and finished products, on production, assembly and packaging lines.

◎    Complete system design
◎    2D AutoCAD & Draftsight design
◎    3D Inventor Autodesk design
◎    Integration into your production line


Starting from the analysis of the customer's needs, we create integrated or stand-alone transport systems for all application sectors.


From design to installation, to after-sales technical assistance, we always guarantee trouble-free execution.


We also produce images for manuals, component movement simulation and documentation.


Below you will find some examples of conveyors and products we have created for our customers.